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When Excel Video 216 talks about orienting cells, we’re not talking about Asia, we’re talking about the direction of the text in the cell. Like the last couple of videos, Excel Video 216 has another trick to compress the space you need to display your data on a report. I’m trying to increase the amount of data that fits on a one page report, increase the amount of white space to make the report easier to read, or both.
Watch how to change the orientation of a cell to make it take less space in the column. As we’ve seen in the past, the tradeoff is that the row height increases, so balance column width and row height to your liking. Obviously in this example you could always abbreviate January as Jan or even J, but other column headings are harder to abbreviate concisely. The next time you need column widths to be a little smaller, try changing the orientation of the text.
For those of you who are wondering, I spent two years in Japan years ago. I even have a minor in Japanese, but I’d have a hard time orienting you around Japan today.