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Excel Video 221 starts our discussion of printing spreadsheets in Excel. You’ll see how to choose a printer, set the number of copies, change the orientation of your printed report, and more. We’ll cover print margins briefly, but we’ll go into more detail on customizing print margins in a future Excel Video.
Watch for how to print the entire workbook as opposed to the worksheet you’re working on. You can also easily print a specific part of your worksheet instead of the whole page.
Finally, watch for how to change print scaling. Excel can shrink (or enlarge) your data to make the report fit on a specified number of pages. You can shrink all of the rows to fit on one page, all of the columns to fit on one page (that’s what I do most commonly and that’s also the example in the video) or you can force all of the rows and columns to fit on one page or a specified number of pages. Excel will do the math to make everything fit.
Stay tuned. We’ll go to the Page Layout tab in the ribbon and look at more printing options next time. Thanks for watching.