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Watch Excel Video 223 for three quick printing tricks. First, we’ll create page breaks so that you can control where Excel divides one page from the next. For example, if you have about a page and a half of data, you might want two equally sized report pages instead of one full page and one half page report. You can create a page break in the middle of the report to divide the report equally between two pages to make your report look a little better.
If you want to get a little fancy with your report, you can add a background behind your numbers. It’s easy to add a background, but you may want to spend a few minutes getting your background the way you want it. One thing to consider is to control the balance between a transparent and an opaque background to make sure you can read the numbers in your report.
Finally, Print Titles are a way to print a group of rows at the top of each page or a group of columns on the left of each page. Whenever you have data that goes over one page, consider setting Print Titles to make sure it’s easy to tell which column or row is which after the first page.
Stay tuned. Next time I’ll talk about Page Break Preview, an easy way to control print area and page breaks.