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If you liked the headers and footers in Excel Video 226 but want something a little more customized, watch Excel Video 227. We’ll walk through how to create a custom header or footer, the three areas of a header or footer, and how to use the icons to fill in information. Notice that my first example doesn’t rely on the icons at all. I typed my name in and you can type any information you’d like, such as a HIPAA notice or report distribution guidelines. Once we’ve been through the icons, remember that the first icon lets you chance the font throughout the header or footer so it’s easy to color, change fonts or font sizes, and more.
Also watch for how to make headers and footers different on the first page or on odd and even pages. There are plenty of ways to customize and help your report match your practice’s logo, color scheme, or reporting package. That’s what I want to say about printing options for now. Stay tuned next time and we’ll go back to more of the basics.