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Excel Video 23 is the second part of our coverage of the Pivot Table options menu. Most of the time, you’ll want to include grand totals in the rows and columns of a Pivot Table, but if you’ve got data like PSA scores, total PSA scores may not be meaningful. Here’s an easy way to turn grand totals off for rows and/or columns.

The other thing you’ll see in Excel Video 23 is how to create a Custom List to sort by. There’s a setting on the Pivot Table Totals & Filters tab to allow you to use Custom Lists when you sort the Pivot Table. Custom Lists are a way to teach Excel a set of items to sort by, such as a specific way you’d like to sort clinic locations or a list of scores, such as Low, Medium, and High. You can use Custom Lists throughout Excel, not just in Pivot Tables. I’ve found Custom Lists helpful, give them a try!