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I’m taking a different approach to the next couple Excel Videos, starting with Excel Video 232. Instead of covering a specific Excel function or feature, I’m going to use several Excel features as part of sample fee schedule analysis. I hope this approach makes it easier to integrate some of the Excel features we’ve covered into your spreadsheets. For those who may be concerned, as with all of my examples, I’m making the numbers up as I go along. We aren’t setting fee schedules here!
We’ll take the sample fee schedule data we worked with in the last video to estimate reimbursement based on volume data. Watch for a variety of Excel features to get the job done, including the format painter, the sum button, formatting with a top and double bottom underline, the fill handle, absolute references, and more. I’d appreciate your feedback. If these more comprehensive examples are helpful, please let me know. Stay tuned. We’ll use this data for more examples in the next Excel Video.