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Excel Video 234 includes a couple more tips as we analyze the sample fee schedule we’ve been working on. Watch for how the F2 key not only lets you edit the formula, but Excel also color codes the formula components so you can easily find the cells that influence the formula. The F2 trick is especially helpful if you didn’t create the spreadsheet and you’re trying to understand how the formulas work. We’ll use the sum button to quickly summarize totals, we’ll single and double underline a cell with one click, and we’ll also use the IF function to display whether the overall changes are positive or negative. If you need more information on IF, watch Excel Video 146. We’ll also use Conditional Formatting one more time based on the results of the IF function.
Stay tuned. Next time we’ll cover Cell Styles, built-in Excel formats to add a professional, polished look to your spreadsheets. I look forward to seeing you then.