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 Excel Video 24 walks through the Display tab of the Pivot Table Options menu. There are a couple of highlights worth mentioning. Watch the video to learn what a contextual tooltip is and how to turn them on or off.
For those of you who have used Pivot Tables before Excel 2007, there is a box that allows you to drag and drop fields in the Pivot Table like you’re used to as opposed to using the Field List in Excel 2007. I generally leave this box checked. If I’m working on the left hand side of the screen, it’s often faster to drag the fields where I want them. If I working on the right side of the screen, I’ll use the new Excel 2007 Field List. One of the big advantages of the Field List is that when you have multiple Row Labels or Column Labels, it’s easier to get the fields in the right order in the Field List.
Don’t spend too much time worrying about the grayed out options in the Display tab. These options apply to OLAP cubes, which are a way to handle a ton of data. I don’t expect many medical practice software packages will use OLAP cubes.
Finally, there’s an area at the bottom of the tab that allows you to sort your field list either alphabetically or in the same order as your source data is stored. You’ll likely find reasons to sort data both ways. Here’s how to change the sorting.
As always, I appreciate your feedback. Thanks for watching.