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Excel Video 242 has another data entry shortcut to make your life easier. Excel calls the feature AutoComplete. AutoComplete looks at text you’ve already entered and uses that to anticipate what you intend to enter as you start typing. For example, if Blue Cross is in your list, as you start typing “Blu” Excel can see that the only text starting with Blu in the list you’ve entered is Blue Cross so Excel will AutoComplete Blue Cross for you. When you see Excel AutoComplete Blue Cross, all you need to do is hit enter and Excel will fill in the rest of the cell. AutoComplete saves you time and saves you from typos. It’s a great trick.
Occasionally you may have to enter lots of text with very similar names. If you want to turn AutoComplete off to make sure you get the data in correctly, I’ll show you how to turn it off. AutoComplete is on by default and I almost always leave it on.
Stay tuned. Next time we’ll cover another data entry trick that’s similar to AutoComplete, but comes with its own caveat. I look forward to seeing you then.