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AutoCorrect is a great trick that will save you from frustration and save you time, all in Excel Video 243. AutoCorrect is a feature built into Excel to correct things like typos and misspellings. AutoCorrect is a great thing until you get burned by typing CNA and having Excel correct that to “can” when you really do want to type CNA. I’ll show you how to delete CNA from the list of things Excel automatically corrects in Excel Video 243.
While we’re at it, I’ll also show you how to use AutoCorrect to your advantage. If you have something really long that you’re always having to type, you can create an AutoCorrect entry to type three or four characters and have Excel AutoCorrect that to be a much longer name of your practice, your department, or some other long name. As an example, I’ll create an AutoCorrect entry so that every time I type ptg Excel will replace ptg with PivotTableGuy, the way to find me on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. It’s a great shortcut, and once you’ve set it up, Word will also see and use your AutoCorrect entries.
There’s no substitute for three minute Excel tricks that can save you hours in the long run! I hope these videos are helpful for you. Thanks for watching.