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If you have similar data on multiple tabs, Excel Video 250 will save you a ton of time. If your spreadsheet has a tab for each month in a year, each physician in your practice, each clinic location, or other similar data, it’s easy to change the same things on multiple tabs at once. The trick is to select multiple tabs (by holding down Shift or Ctrl) and then changing one of the tabs. All of the tabs change at the same time! You aren’t just limited to data. In the video we’ll put the same footer on three tabs at the same time. It’s a great trick, but be careful to select another tab when you’re finished on you’ll continue to change multiple tabs when you only intend to change one tab.
This video marks 250 Excel Videos. I hope you’ve enjoyed the series and found the videos helpful in your practice. I’ve got a little more to say about tabs and then we’ll keep going with Excel basics. Thanks for watching.