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There are four ways to do just about everything in Excel. Excel Video 255 has some additional ways to do things you may already be doing in Excel. This is an easy video today. We’re back to the Home tab on the Ribbon working our way across the basics of Excel. We’ll stop for a video on the Format Menu. As I say in the video, I typically do most of the things on the Format Menu from a different place in Excel. I’ll spend a few minutes today showing you what you can do on the Format Menu and shortcuts I typically use instead.
There’s not a right or wrong way to do the tricks we’ll discuss today. If these shortcuts help you do your work faster, by all means use the Format Menu. If you find the ways I typically do the same tasks to be faster for you, that works, too.
Stay tuned. There are several more shortcuts coming in the next couple of Excel Videos. Thanks for watching.