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Excel Video 257 starts our discussion of another shortcut that can save you a ton of time. Excel calls it Fill, and you can Fill Down, Fill Right, Fill Up, or Fill Left. As you’ll see in the video, I think the Fill Handle is the fastest way to fill data. Watch how fast it is to fill data and note how when I Fill Down or Fill Right, Excel increments my dates and numbers. You’ll see when I Fill Up or Fill Left, Excel decrements my dates and numbers. Fill is a great timesaver.
Watch the video for the different types of data I use to fill, including dates, abbreviations, and numbers. I want to introduce the Fill Handle, the idea of filling multiple directions, and some of the types of data you can fill in this video. I’ll end with a hint of how you teach Excel patterns to do all kinds of filling data. We’ll talk more about patterns and how to increment/decrement your data by different amounts in the next Excel Videos. Thanks for watching.