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Excel Video 262 will let you customize your sorting options. One of the main things you can do in the custom sort window is to sort by more than one column. In our example, we’ll sort by the payer, then by the balance of the accounts receivable on a claim. It’s easy to add and delete sorting levels and to change the order of which columns sort first. I’ll show you how to do each of those things in this video.
Watch for a couple of other sorting tricks. We’ll cover how to sort by the font color, the cell color, or the cell icon and I’ll give you one way I’ve seen that used. You can sort left to right instead of top to bottom and make your sorts case sensitive from the options menu. Finally, I’ll show you what headers are and how headers make the custom sort window easier to use.
All of that said, I think there’s an easier way to sort data in Excel. We’ll talk more about that next time. I look forward to seeing you then.