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I hope by now you’re a fan of the power and flexibility of Pivot Tables. Now that you’ve seen some of the things Pivot Tables can do, imagine a chart or graph in Excel tied to the Pivot Table so that any time you add a column, change a filter, or update your Pivot Table, the chart updates automatically. That’s a Pivot Chart. Excel Video 27 introduces Pivot Charts, walks you through creating a Pivot Chart, and shows you how the Pivot Chart Filter Pane works. Any time you update the Pivot Table, either by changing the Pivot Table or the Filter Pane, the chart is quickly updated to reflect the changes.
If you haven’t seen charts in Excel 2007, consider this an introduction to charts as well. Most Excel 2007 chart options work for Pivot Charts, and Excel Video 27 has an example of how the same data can be displayed on three different types of charts to emphasis different messages. We’ll spend more time on the chart menus in future lectures. Next time, we’ll run through another example of Pivot Charts.
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