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When you want to tell Excel where to go, Excel Video 271 may not be what you had in mind. Today we’ll talk about how to get Excel to quickly go to a specific cell or to quickly select and highlight all of the formulas, comments, conditional formatting, constants or data validation in your spreadsheet. These options are included in the Go To Special window in Excel. Once you’re familiar with Go To Special, you can use this functionality to do all kinds of clever tricks. I’ll show you one example in today’s video.
Today’s sample spreadsheet is designed to have formulas in column C. By selecting and highlighting all of the formula cells in my spreadsheet, I can quickly catch cells that are supposed to be formulas but have been changed to be constants instead. Once I know there are missing formulas, it’s easy to correct those cells.
Notice that Go To Special is not just highlighting the cells, but selecting those cells as well. That will come in handy for us in the coming Excel Videos. I look forward to seeing you then.