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Excel Video 272 is the first of several Excel Videos with practical examples using Go To Special. Today we’ll create a reusable expense form that makes it easy to delete all of last month’s data without having to recreate the form to enter this month’s data. There are two tricks to make the form work. The first is using Go To Constants to select and then either clear or delete those cells. If you use Clear, make sure to just clear the cell contents. If you clear all, you’ll lose the cell formatting.
The second trick is that I create a formula in each cell that I want to remain on the form. If I make cell A1 =”Expense Form,” Excel will see A1 as a formula even though all the formula does is display the words Expense Form. Notice that Expense Form has to be in quotes so that Excel doesn’t look for a formula called Expense Form. Since A1 is a formula, it won’t be selected when I choose Go To Constants.
I have several shortcuts like this in the coming Excel Videos that I hope you’ll find helpful. If you have a shortcut you’ve used with Go To Special, please tell me about it. Rebecca, the great trick you sent to Excel Users last year using Go To Special is already on my list. Thanks for sending it to the group.