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If you’re wondering how to decide whether to create something in Excel or in Word, I have some ideas and suggestions in Excel Video 279. I usually decide whether to use Excel or Word based on whether the bulk of my work is numbers (use Excel) or words (use Word). On a project last week I was documenting the information stored in a SQL table and started in Word. When I started changing the format around and wanted my text in columns, I switched to Excel. You can do columns in Word as well, but, for an Excel guy, Excel’s options were more user-friendly. Believe me, my FACMPE paper is in Word.
Even if you decide to use Word (or another Office application), it’s easy to copy and paste Excel data into Word. The key decision is when you paste, you need to decide whether or not to link the data. Linked data refreshes when the Excel data changes. Unlinked data won’t change when the Excel data changes. There are times when linked data does and doesn’t make sense. You just need to know that the option to link is available when you paste so you can make the right decision for your document.
That’s what I wanted to say about Excel Basics. I’m starting a new subject with Excel Video 280. I look forward to seeing you then.