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It’s not Letterman, but Excel Video 288 has way to get Top 10 Lists in Pivot Tables. Just because it’s called Top 10 doesn’t mean you’re limited to top or 10. You can easily select the bottom 5 instead of the top 10. You can also choose whether you want items, percent, or sum. If you choose Top 10 items, Excel gives you the 10 labels with the highest values. If you choose Top 10 percent, Excel gives you the top labels that make up 10 percent of the total. If you choose Top 2000 sum, Excel will give you as many labels as it takes to get at least 2,000. In other words, how many of my biggest patients did it take to collect $2,000?
Top 10 is a very handy filter for analyzing your practice. We’ve talked about manual filters, label filters, value filters, and now Top 10 filters. There’s a new feature in Excel 2010 called Slicers that make manual filters much easier to use. Slicers are the next filter topic, and we’ll start that next time. Thanks for watching.