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You might need an extra batch of popcorn for Excel Video 289. I’m discussing Slicers, a clever new feature in Excel 2010 to manually filter Pivot Table data. Slicers are a great visual way to easily filter data. You’ll see how it’s much easier to see which data is filtered using Slicers. You’ll also see how Slicers can help you immediately see what data is not in your filtered data by graying out fields that don’t appear in the data.
One application for Slicers is if you’re setting up a Pivot Table for new users. Rather than have to teach them how to filter through the menus and worry about all of the different types of filters we’ve discussed, new users can simply click on fields to filter. There’s a button at the top of each Slicer to clear those filters as well.
Sorry for the longer than usual Excel Video today. There’s still more to say about Slicers. I look forward to seeing you next time.