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Watch Excel Video 290 today to see several more clever tricks with Slicers. We’ll spend most of this video in the Slicer Tools menu working through a variety of Slicer options to get the Slicers to look just the way you want. I’ve seen some dashboards constructed with Slicers. Here are several ways to get your spreadsheets to look the same way.
There’s another really powerful trick with Slicers we’ll discuss today. If you have multiple Pivot Tables and you want to change all of the Pivot Tables to filter Dr. Jones, in the past you would have had to select Dr. Jones in each Pivot Table manually. With the advent of Slicers, now you can connect one Slicer to multiple Pivot Tables so that each time you change the Slicer, all of the Pivot Tables change. It’s a great timesaver and helps keep your Pivot Tables synched to the same filter.