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Now that you’re familiar with grouping dates, watch Excel Video 295 to see how to group text in a Pivot Table. When we grouped dates in Excel Video 294, we grouped by month and year so Excel knew the names of the months and called the new field “Years” for us. When we group text, Excel doesn’t know how to name the groups, so it calls the group Group1. Watch how easy it is to rename Group1 to something more meaningful, like PCP.
Once you’ve grouped text, if you look over in the Row Labels area you’ll see Excel doesn’t know what to name the new field, so in our example Excel called the field Doctor2. Watch how I click Field Settings from the drop-down menu next to Doctor 2 to give the category a more descriptive name, Specialty.
We’re off to a good start grouping text, but there are a few more tricks I’d like to show you, and we’ll do that in Excel Video 296. I look forward to seeing you then.