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When you see how easy it is to expand and contract groups in Excel Video 297, you’ll wish it was this easy to contract your waistline! Today we’ll go through three ways to make your grouped items expand (show detailed data) or contract (show summary data). You can click the plus and minus buttons next to each group to expand or contract the group. If you don’t like the plus and minus buttons, I’ll show you how to turn them off. Whether or not the plus and minus buttons are displayed, you can also double click the group name to expand and contract the field. Finally, if you have lots of groups, I’ll show you how to expand or collapse all of the groups at once.
Now that we’re familiar with sorting, filtering, pivoting, and grouping Pivot Table data, we’re well on our way to creating powerful Pivot Tables. The next step is to discuss several ways to do calculations with Pivot Table data. We’ll start that discussion next time. I look forward to seeing you then.