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Excel Video 30 introduces Tables in Excel 2007. Tables are different than the Pivot Tables we’ve been discussing, but have many similar features. We’ll start by simply creating tables. If you already have a Pivot Table, creating a table is easy, simply double click the Pivot Table cell where you want to see the detail. Excel shows the detail in a table format.
If you don’t have your data in a Pivot Table, you can simply select one of the cells in the data where you want to add a table and click Format as Table from the Home tab in the Ribbon. Excel will look at the data and come back with a screen that estimates your complete data range and also tries to determine if your data has a top row with headers in it that Excel can use for column headings. Either way, with a Pivot Table or just with a group of data in a spreadsheet, it’s easy to create a table in Excel 2007.
Tables have filtering and sorting ability similar to Pivot Tables and have some additional really useful features as well. We’ll start reviewing some of those features in Excel Video 31.