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As we hit the milestone of Excel Video 300, I’ll pause for a minute to say thanks for watching. I realize quite a few of you have watched all 300 videos. Thanks for watching and for spreading the word about these Excel Videos.
The percentages we discussed last time work great, but having multiple fields in the Row Labels area complicates things just a little in Excel Video 300. Fortunately, there’s a new feature in Excel 2010 to help. Notice when I initially drag a second field, Primary Insurance, to the Row Labels area that the percentages of the patients’ insurance are all as a percentage of the overall total. Especially if you have lots of categories, these percentages of the overall total are often too small to make comparison meaningful.
The trick is to change from calculating percentages of the column total to calculating percentages of the parent row total. Now the patients’ insurance is calculated as a percentage of the volume location, so it’s easy to tell how your payer mix is changing over time by location. The difference can be a little tricky to understand, so I’ll do a similar example in the next Excel Video. For the three hundredth time, thanks for watching!