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Excel Video 301 is very similar to Excel Video 300, using parent columns instead of rows. It can be a little confusing to understand how Excel is doing these parent calculations, so I did one more video calculating the percentage of the parent column total instead of the parent row total like we did in Excel Video 300. The idea is that when there is more than one field in the row labels or column labels areas, Excel can calculate the percentage that the child field contributes to the parent field, rather than the child’s percentage of the overall total. I hope having one more video makes this parent total feature a little clearer.
The other thing to watch for in Excel Video 301 is that when I made years the parent column, Excel didn’t automatically subtotal the child column, location. I’ll show you how to change the field settings for the years column to automatically calculate subtotals.
Stay tuned. There are more Pivot Table calculations coming up next. Thanks for watching.