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Now that we’re a little more familiar with GETPIVOTDATA, let’s see what else it can do for us in Excel Video 311. We’ll take what we learned in the last Excel Video and apply it to the original formula we had trouble copying a videos ago. Notice how easy it is to copy the GETPIVOTDATA formula now that we know how it works.
We’ll complicate things a little bit further by adding another field to our Pivot Table, this time in the columns area. Notice how our GETPIVOTDATA formula now needs two more parameters, field two and item two, to identify the cell we’re after. Also notice how when we move the Years field from columns to rows and back again that the GETPIVOTDATA formula still works. GETPIVOTDATA is a great way to track down a specific field in a Pivot Table even when the Pivot Table changes. As long as the field we’re looking for is part of the Pivot Table, GETPIVOTDATA will find it for us.