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Excel Video 319 has several ways to adjust the layout of your Pivot Table. If you have several columns in your Pivot Table and you’d like to center your column label over those columns, you need to spend a few minutes in the Pivot Table Options menu. That same Options menu lets you control how far multiple fields in the row labels area are indented. I always accept the default 1 here, but it’s easy to change if you’d like to.
The other thing I want to show you today is that you can put the fields in the report filter area in multiple columns if you’d like to. Some of the Pivot Tables I create for clients have 15-20 fields in the report filter area. When you go to print, you can blow half a page on those report filters. Watch for how to control how many columns those report filter fields print in and how to get the order of the columns just the way you’d like.