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The first time you see what I’ll show you in Excel Video 324, you might think Excel has a bug. If you delete data in your Pivot Table because a name changed or you fixed some incorrect data, you’ll still see the name in the drop down manual filter list, even though the data isn’t there. To get these phantom entries off of your list, you’ll need to go the Data tab in the Pivot Table Options menu. Select “None” from the number of deleted items to retain list, refresh your Pivot Table, and you’ll be back to normal. This can be especially helpful if you build a Pivot Table and find you have incorrect data, like claims with a date of service of 2021. Even after you fix the claims, 2021 will stay in your drop down list until you change the number of deleted items to retain.
While we’re here, we’ll also briefly discuss the rest of the Pivot Table Options menu. There are some printing tips you may find helpful, especially if you’re printing Pivot Tables with a lot of fields.