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If you like using Solver and want to save multiple scenarios with different constraints, watch Excel Video 337 to learn how to load and save Solver scenarios. To save a Solver scenario, it’s just a matter of giving Excel a range of cells to save the data in. To load a saved Solver scenario, simply tell Excel the range of cells where you saved the Solver scenario.
Notice that I went back and labeled my Solver scenarios. If you look at what’s stored in the various cells, you can get an idea of what your constraints were, but it’s much easier to just label the Solver scenarios as you create them. I’m being careful to distinguish between Solver scenarios and Scenarios, since Scenarios are a separate topic we’ll work on next.
I’ve wanted to get these videos in a 16×9 format for some time now. If you see anything that isn’t displaying correctly or if this video takes significantly longer to load than usual, please let me know. I hope the wider screen format helps. Thanks for watching.