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Excel Video 338 introduces Scenario Manager, a different way to manage scenarios in Excel. Scenario Manager is another tool in the What-If Analysis section of the Data tab. We can use Scenario Manager to keep track of what happens when we change variables in an equation. The example for the next group of Excel Videos is a physician compensation plan. I’ll say this in the video, but the purpose of this example is to show how Excel works, not to discuss the merits or mechanics of physician compensation plans.
We’ll start by varying the physicians’ base salary and the payments they get for having excess RVUs or billed charges in their compensation model. The spreadsheet is built so that all of the formulas are driven off of the three values that are maintained in the Scenario Manager. Watch how to enter different values for each of these three variables and how to save and edit the scenarios. Stay tuned. We’ll continue working with this model next time.