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Excel Video 344 has three things you should know about Data Tables. The first tip is that the values in a Data Table can’t be manually changed. You can’t delete individual values either. The only way to get rid of values in a Data Table is to select all of the values and delete them. The second tip is that you can change the numbers in the row and column that feed into the Data Table. Watch to see how easy it is to change the interest rate from 7% to 6.8%.
Finally, if you have a really big Data Table or lots of smaller Data Tables that are slowing your spreadsheet down, watch for how to turn Excel’s automatic calculation feature off for Data Tables. The Calculate Now button or the F9 key will recalculate your spreadsheet. I’m always careful when I change Excel’s automatic calculation settings because I don’t want to forget that automatic calculation is off and my spreadsheet may not be accurate. As long as you’re aware of the issue, turning off automatic calculation for Data Tables may come in handy for you one day.
Stay tuned. The next Excel Video will start a series on arrays. If you’ve never used an array, stick around. If you use arrays all the time and have some that are helpful for you, please send your suggestions along. I look forward to seeing you then.