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We’ve created an array formula in one cell. Excel Video 346 shows to create an array formula in multiple cells at the same time. It’s easy to create an array formula in multiple cells. Select the cells that you want to populate with the formula, enter the formula that includes the range of cells you need in your final answer, and then press ctrl+shift+enter. As soon as you press ctrl+shift+enter, Excel adds the braces around your formula and creates the appropriate formula in each cell. Notice that each cell has the same formula, unlike the typical Excel formula of D5*E5, D6*E6, etc. The consistent formulas across the array of cells may make it easier to troubleshoot and maintain the spreadsheet.
Notice at the end of the video that you can’t delete part of an array formula. There’s a specific way to edit, expand, or change array formulas. We’ll work on that in the next Excel Video. Thanks for watching.