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Watch Excel Video 348 to see how to enter constants in array formulas. Constants are numbers, like 6 or 10, as opposed to cell references, like A4, that we’ve used so far. I’ll say this in the video, but there are much, much easier ways to fill a range of cells with numbers than using an array formula. I’m just using a simple example to show the structure of constants an array formula. We’ll use this structure in a little more complicated example in the next Excel Video.
Watch for how I have to enter the {curly braces} around constants in an array formula. I also have to press ctrl+shift+enter to create an array formula, so you’ll see I end up with two sets of braces. Notice how I select the cells for my array formula to populate first, before creating the formula. Also notice how commas separate columns and semicolons separate rows in my formula.
Stay tuned. We’ll do an example with constants in the next Excel video. Thanks for watching.