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Excel Video 35 reviews the options for filtering numbers in tables. After watching the last two videos on filtering dates and text, this will be second nature to you. We’ll review an example or two of filtering numbers, like getting all patients in their thirties. After that, I’ll show you two more tricks.
Top 10 is a powerful way to filter for the top or bottom values in a range of data. You aren’t limited to 10, either. Tables let you filter by the number of items or by the percent of items, so it’s just as easy to see the top 5 items in your list as it is to see the top 5 percent of items.
The other neat filter I’ll demonstrate is how Excel lets you filter for above average or below average items in your list. This feature’s unique to numbers and it’s only in tables as opposed to Pivot Tables. It’s an easy way to get the top or bottom half of your data quickly.
Stay tuned. Next time we’ll filter by color, a new feature in Excel 2007.