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If you need to make the named array constants we created in Excel Video 350 a little more flexible, watch Excel Video 351. Today we’ll define our array of constants as a range instead of entering the numbers 1 through 5 in the array. Now if we decide to change our weighting factors, instead of editing the constants in the named array, we can simply change the cells we’ve defined with the name ChangingFactors. You can change the constants by editing the named array we created in Excel Video 350 or you can change the constants this way. Defining a range of cells may be easier to maintain, especially if you’re creating a spreadsheet for users not familiar with arrays. Either way, remember to press ctrl+shift+enter when entering the formula. If you forget to press ctrl+shift+enter, press F2 to edit the formula and try again.
Stay tuned. We’ll tweak an array with the TRANPOSE function next time. Thanks for watching.