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Excel Video 353 has our first trick with arrays. I’ll show you a quick way to get the name of range of cells you’ve named using Name Manager, and then we’re off to work. Sometimes this helps and sometimes this doesn’t help, but one of the features of an array is that you can’t change or delete part of an array. Watch how when I copy some cells to a new tab, I can’t change or delete part of the cells because my formula is an array (I used ctrl+shift+enter). If you’re looking for a way to keep someone from changing your numbers, (or you want to remind yourself not to change some numbers), copy the formula as an array. Notice, however, that you aren’t protecting your worksheet. I could easily delete all of the array and enter new numbers. What I can’t do is change or delete a part of the array.
We’ll start on some basic array formulas next. We can quickly build pretty powerful array formulas once we’re familiar with the structure. I look forward to seeing you then.