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Excel Video 360 uses arrays with the SMALL function to find the next available appointments. The first example uses an IF statement as part of the array component of the SMALL function to find the third next available new patient appointment. The IF statement limits the SMALL function to only look for open appointment slots for new patients. We’ll expand on this logic in the next Excel Video.
The second example uses the existing array in the first part of the SMALL function (so we’re looking for all new appointments, not just new patient appointments) and uses an array for k, the second part of the SMALL formula. Remember from the last Excel Video that k tells Excel if you want the first smallest value, the second smallest value, etc. By putting an array in for k, enclosed in {braces} and separated by semicolons, we can get the first, second, and third next available appointment in one formula instead of entering the formula three times.
There’s more we can do with arrays in the SMALL function. We’ll keep going in Excel Video 361. I look forward to seeing you then.