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I have one more array trick in Excel Video 371 before we move on to a new topic. Today we’ll use a COUNTIF function inside a MAX function inside an IF function to determine if a list is unique. It’s really not quite as bad as that sounds. We’ll set up a COUNTIF function first to determine the number of times a doctor’s name appears in a list. Then we’ll use the MAX function to determine the maximum number of times a doctor’s name is on the list. Finally, the IF function will print a message in the cell determining whether the list is unique. Once the formula is written, all you need to do is to change the size of the range (or name the range) to manage different lists.
I’ve been putting off Excel Videos about Excel 2013 until we made it through some array formulas. Now that we’re through arrays, we’ll start with Excel 2013 next time. I look forward to seeing you then.