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In Excel Video 391 we’ll filter dates and then make the filter more powerful by adding the same field twice to our filtering criteria. First, the easy part. It’s easy to filter by date. You don’t need any of the funny text syntax we’ve talked about in previous Excel Videos to use advanced date filters. Just enter the dates like you usually would.
The trick in this Excel Video is that we’ll add the Appt Date field to our criteria a second time. With two Appt Date fields, it’s now very easy to filter for rows between two dates. In our example, we’ll get all of the appointments in October by making our criteria after 9/30/2013 AND before 11/1/2013. Remember that in Advanced Filters, all of the criteria on the same row has to be true for the appointment to be included in our criteria.
But wait, there’s more! Stay tuned for more advanced filtering tricks in the next Excel Video.