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Excel Video 392 has one more clever advanced filtering trick for 2013. This is the last Excel Video I’ll publish for 2013, so let me pause for a moment and thank each of you for watching and for publicizing the videos. I’ve had well over half a million videos watched worldwide and really appreciate all of the publicity. Thanks so much for watching.
Today’s trick is to add a filtering cell outside of our usual cell range so that we can use the LARGE function in a formula and find the five largest patient balances in a table. If you aren’t familiar with LARGE, watch Excel Video 195 for an introduction and Excel Videos 363-364 for a more comprehensive example. Once the formula’s written, you can easily adjust it to find the top 10, 20, or any other number of appointments you need to find. Being able to use Excel functions inside an advanced filter adds a ton of power and flexibility to our filters.
I’ll be back the first week of January to continue our discussion of advanced table filters. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or New Years, I hope you enjoy the time with your friends and family. Our family’s celebrating Christmas, so from our family to yours, Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas.