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Excel Video 396 has two things to know about the total row in Tables. The first thing to know is that the total row respects filters. In other words, the amount shown in the total row takes into account the filters you apply. It’s easy to get the total number of appointments with Blue Cross patients or the average patient balance of a Medicare patient by using the totals row with Filters.
The second thing to know is that the total row is a formula that you can copy. I often insert some rows above my table and create formulas referencing the total row to essentially bring the totals to the top of the table. Having the totals at the top of the table makes it easy to see totals without scrolling to the bottom and also gives you more options for text to describe the totals (this column I’m taking the average, this column is the sum, etc.) Try using the total row on your next table. I think you’ll find it helpful.