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Excel Video 43 simplifies the way Excel references cells inside a table in formulas. When you look at the table reference in a formula it looks hairy, but if you simply arrow over (or click on) the table cell you want to reference, Excel does all of the syntax for you. The great thing about cell referencing is how easy it is to update one formula and watch Excel update all of the rest of the formulas in the column for you. If you want to go through the help menus and understand the syntax for a specific formula, you can do that, but for most applications, just arrow or click to the cells you need and let Excel do the work for you.
The other thing I demonstrate in Excel Video 43 is how to concatenate fields. Concatenate means to combine or link two pieces of information. To concatenate in Excel, separate each thing you want to combine with an & sign. I use this a lot to combine names, like LastName & “ “ & FirstName.
I hope you’ve found these videos on tables helpful. Stay tuned. The next Excel Video will start a series on Conditional Formatting.