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You can add more power to your If statements by using Else and ElseIf. Excel Video 436 has an example of both. The If statements we worked through in the last Excel Video tested to see if the insurance was not Medicare. If the insurance is Medicare, we can use an Else statement to give Excel more instructions. An Else statement runs when the If statement is not true.
You can get even more control by using an ElseIf statement. ElseIf statements allow you to add another condition to test. Notice how we made our first condition more complex by adding the And clause in the second example. If the insurance is not Medicare and there’s no pre-authorization number, we can make the row bold and red. ElseIf then asks if there’s an asterisk in the pre-authorization column. The asterisk is the practice’s code to say the pre-authorization has been requested. If there is an asterisk, we make the four columns blue to indicate we’re waiting for the payer to respond to our request. There is no Else statement in the second example, so rows that fail both the If and the ElseIf tests are left alone.
If, Else, and ElseIf add a lot of flexibility to your logic. Stay tuned. We’ll make If a bit more complicated in the next Excel Video. Thanks for watching.