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The pre-authorization example gets even more precise in Excel Video 437, the last Excel Video about If. We’ll add several different tests to make different pre-authorization scenarios different colors in this Excel Video, including And tests and Or tests. We’ll also test the payer, pre-authorization number, and date columns to get exactly the information the pre-authorization department needs, all in one subroutine.
One more thing to note in this Excel Video. Watch how Excel’s logic takes the first true statement and follows the Then clause. As soon as Excel finds a statement that is true, it stops looking for other true statements in the subroutine, so make sure your logic is in the order you need it. The If tests you want processed first need to be listed first in the subroutine.
As If statements get this complicated, even with my notes in the code the logic gets hard to read and to follow. Case statements can be a simpler way to express complicated criteria, especially when there are lots of options. We’ll do an example with Case statements in the next Excel Video. I look forward to seeing you then.