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You can also use Trendlines to forecast on a chart, and Excel Video 455 shows you how to do it. First, please be aware that I don’t use Trendlines to forecast, and I’ll point you to Excel Videos 101-103 for other ways to forecast in Excel. That said, you can add a Trendline to a chart and Excel will forecast based on your data. Watch how I do two things to get Excel to forecast. I add more years to my chart than I have data (2010 and 2015-2017) and I set the Trendline to go back 6 months and forward 2 years. Excel uses my data and plots a trend on my chart. My preference is to use the formulas in Excel Videos 101-103 to forecast and trend, but if you want to use a chart to forecast, Excel Video 455 will get you started.
Stay tuned. We’ll add style to your chart in the next Excel Video.