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Add a little more style and little more color to your chart with Excel Video 457.  Watch for three things in this Excel Video. First, once you have a chart style selected, the Quick Layout button will show you how your chart might look with Data Labels, Data Tables, or a different position for the legend.  It’s a great way to get ideas on how your chart might look better.  Second, I’ll show you how to change the color scheme of your chart.  If you’re looking for more color options, the third trick is how to change the Theme of the spreadsheet.  Themes change things like the default colors and fonts in a spreadsheet.  You can really customize your chart with these three tips.

We saved the best of the three buttons for last.  The Chart Elements and Chart Styles buttons combined features that already existed in Excel in a new place.  Chart Filters adds functionality that was much harder to do in earlier versions of Excel.  Filtering chart data is much easier and more convenient now.  We’ll discuss Chart Filters in the next Excel Video.  I look forward to seeing you then.