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Excel Video 474 Introducing the Excel Data Model

Sep 7, 2015Business Intelligence, Excel 2013

I’m introducing the Excel Data Model in Excel Video 474. I’ll discuss a couple of cons (you can’t edit data, formulas will take some getting used to, and you may need 64 bit Excel) as well as several pros (the Excel Data Model holds way more than 1 million rows, is faster, and takes up less disk space) as you get started.

Another thing to consider is that though you can only have one Excel Data Model per workbook, you can hold many, many tables in that Excel Data Model. Before the Excel Data Model, you have to use VLOOKUP to link tables. The Excel Data Model uses relationships, which are much easier to work with than VLOOKUP. Relationships make it easier to join multiple tables without the syntax and restrictions of VLOOKUP.

The Excel Data Model is also a great way to feed PowerPivot, Power View, and Power Map. The next trick to upload or link data to the Excel Data Model. We’ll work on that in the next Excel Video. I look forward to seeing you then.