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Excel Video 478 PowerPivot and the Excel Data Model

Oct 5, 2015Business Intelligence, Excel 2013

In Excel Video 478 we’ll start using PowerPivot and the Excel Data Model together. I’ll show you two ways to build a Pivot Table with the Excel Data Model we’ve created so far. We’ll cover more about PowerPivot and Pivot Tables in future Excel Videos. The goal for today is to get data into a Pivot Table so that I can show you how PowerPivot features add power and flexibility to Pivot Tables.

One of the biggest things to note in this Excel Video is that since our Pivot Table is based on our Data Model, the Pivot Table Field List groups the data by table. That may take a little getting used to if you’re coming from a traditional Pivot Table background with one list of fields, but as we add more and more data and fields to the Data Model, grouping by table can come in very handy.

Most of the Pivot Table techniques you’re used to continue to work with PowerPivot. PowerPivot can make Pivot Tables easier to work with as well. We’ll start by simplifying formatting for Pivot Tables in the next Excel Video. I look forward to seeing you then.