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Watch Excel 50 to learn how to use a variety of Excel’s icon sets in conditional formatting. Icon sets can be especially useful as you try to set up dashboards and other summary reports so readers can quickly focus on key practice indicators. This example walks through a variety of ways to add an icon to a cell to help users see if the cell’s value is going up or going down, high or low, etc.
I also spend some time walking through how to customize the icons so that you can get the icons to work just the way you want them to in your reports. If you highlight the cells you’ve conditionally formatted, go to Conditional Formatting on the Home tab, choose Manage Rules, then edit the rule you want to customize. There are two sections to the Edit Formatting Rule screen that appears. After Excel Video 51 demonstrates more about icon sets, I’ll walk through examples for the top half of the screen, “Select a rule type.” The bottom half of the screen, “Edit the Rule Description,” is where you can customize how your conditional formatting rules work. We’ll work through an example in this video. Plan on more examples in future Excel Videos.